CLOSED: Aeroventure FBO permanently closed it's doors recently due to business management complications and more. All remaining aircraft are for future sale. Both the office and hanger have been sold to an outside entity. If you desire further info, please comment at No other contact will be available! The now obsolete Aeroventure website will remain up for now, but with future modifications as needed. Aeroventure was a fun longtime game creation of late parents long ago, but the fun game is now over and done forever, by my sister and I mutual decide! We have our own separate life games to play now that the past parent game has vanished! And I will also soon be leaving this hard state and place for a new Vegas paradise retirement, once the new transaction deal here is complete which will be soon I hope? Honestly, it's been both heaven and hell living here dealing with whatever circumstances and/or situations; allergies, people, weather, etc! My passions are; Bible, Conspiracy, Karaoke, Prophecy, etc! Aeroventure game is now over forever, but feel free to connect with me if inspired