Aeroventure Brochure

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Petaluma, CA. 94954
Phone# (707) 778-6767

The federal government has authorized sport & recreational pilot certificates that permit the holder to venture into the air in an airplane. Because of numerous limitations imposed on pilots holding these certificates, many pilots may prefer to seek the private pilot certificate.
The private pilot certificate is a logical first step for the student pilot. Aeroventure's goal is to produce competent as well as qualified pilots for the nation's airways and other airspace. To accomplish this, individualized instruction is provided by experienced instructors. Minimum flight time is 40 hours, but 70 hours would be the typical training period. Average cost to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate would be around $10,000.
The next step for most pilots is an instrument rating. This rating permits flight when weather would otherwise ground that pilot. Aeroventure provides training for this rating in several properly equipped aircraft. Minimum training is established, but total flight hours vary widely depending on experience of the pilot trainee.
The commercial pilot may fly for hire and additional training is necessary. This certificate is required for anyone desiring to make a flying a career. For additional information on certificates, ratings and career stepping stones talk to an Aeroventure Flight Instructor. They are tops in aviation.
Aeroventure provides maintenance on a large number of general aviation aircraft in addition to its training and rental aircraft. For those who currently own or anticipate owning an aircraft, minor or major repairs and alterations are available at Aeroventure, as well as pre-purchase inspections for the potential buyer. Competent, experienced maintenance technicians are available to serve the public in addition to the flight school aircraft.
  • Ground School (call for details)
  • Pilot Supplies & Aircraft Parts
  • Gift Certificates (any amount)