Boonville is a short 1/2 hour flight from Petaluma in the Commanche 260. It is a small and scenic community within walking distance of the airport.

As you land, you have two opportunities to turn from the runway to what appears to be a parallel taxiway. Unless you want to mix with the local auto traffic, please use the runway for a taxiway and park at the tiedowns you will find in the grassy area.

It is approximately one mile into Boonville. If you plan to stay overnight, there is a local brewery with a restaurant attached, the Buckhorn Saloon and Restaurant. If you are only there for the afternoon, you can find lunch fare at the Redwood Drive-In.

The tower at Boonville is a mixed-use facility as you can see in the picture.
boonville town
boonville taxiway
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Boonville vultures
PA24 at Boonville
Boonville tower
Boonville joke sign #1
Boonville joke sign #2