Lake Pillsbury

Lake Pillsbury is a man-made lake just north of Clear Lake.  It is a short cross country flight that is both scenic and worlds away from the Bay Area.  You feel like you are in Idaho or Montana because of the mountains, trees, and isolation.  The airstrip is called Gravelly, yes it's gravel, and is maintained by the Forest Service.  You have to land in an easterly direction and takeoff west because of a mountain at the eastern end of the runway.  If the wind is blowing pretty good from the west, don't try landing because the wind will be to your back and your ground speed will just be too fast - come back another day.  The field is well maintained, but practice up on your soft field take offs and landings before you go -  keep that nosewheel off!  The Lake is walking distance from the field and camping is available at the PG&E campgrounds nearby.  NO services are available.