Shelter Cove, California

Shelter Cove is one of the more interesting destinations within two hours of Petaluma. Located on the Pacific coast, most will recognize this airport from the cover of AOPAs Airport Directory a few years ago.
Pilots would be well advised to check the weather before going--fog typically shrouds the coast and there are no instrument approaches. In addition, a good supply of fuel is a must. This is both for possible diversion and for the return trip--Shelter Cove has no services. In exchange, tie-downs are very reasonable and perhaps the lowest in California. Free.
There is a campground at the approach end of runway 30 and the tie-downs are close enough to walk. There are also hotels and B&Bs for those that think roughing it is room service. We stayed at the campground and I'll make a few suggestions:

1) The campground permits autos, campers and permanent residents, in addition to dogs. (Yes, there are signs that dogs must be on leash--ha ha) We also went on Labor Day weekend and it was quite crowded. I'd be hard pressed to return on a holiday weekend. There is a well stocked general store at the campground and there are showers. It is not Columbia.

2) I can't explain why, but there were wasps everywhere. Yes, my wife got stung. Yes, they like to fly into soda cans.

3) The coast was gorgeous and there were lots of places to walk.

4) The campground permits real fires.

5) The sunsets are gorgeous.

Have fun. The approach is neat too--great for want-to-be Tomcat pilots!!!
Shelter Cove approach
Shelter Cove